AMU Student Handbook
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Last Revision: January 30, 2024

GPA Requirements for Graduation Eligibility

In order to be eligible to have your Associates or Bachelor’s degree conferred or your certificate awarded after completing all of your course requirements, you must hold a GPA (Grade Point Average) of 2.0 or above.

Courses transferred from other universities, or from a completed APUS program into another APUS program, are not included in the calculation of your GPA if applied as residential or transfer credit. In some instances, courses which transfer to a corresponding degree program within two years, will be applied as residential credit and be calculated in GPA as applicable. If you complete all of the courses for your program but have a GPA below 2.0, we can issue you a letter of program completion, but you will not actually earn the degree or certificate.

For more information on GPA requirements, please contact your Academic Advisor at [email protected].