AMU Student Handbook
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Last Revision: January 30, 2024

Video Conference Policy

There are instances where video conferencing software may be used for meetings between students, faculty, and/or staff. Students will be made aware prior to the meeting that video conference software is being used, and that they have the option to be on or off video once they enter the virtual room. The video option will default to “off”, allowing for the student to decide whether they appear on screen. For meetings which require video to be turned on, students will be informed in advance of the video requirement.

As a participant in a meeting room, you and any sounds in your space will be audible to other participants when audio is on; audio from your microphone (whether intentional or unintentional) may switch the primary video to you; and muting your audio may improve sound quality for all participants.

The meeting room will be a professional atmosphere and all University policies apply as it relates to student conduct. APUS students are expected to demonstrate the highest degree of personal and intellectual honesty at all times. Additional information can be found in the Student Misconduct section of the Student Handbook.