AMU Student Handbook
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Last Revision: January 30, 2024

Developmental and Refresher Courses

APUS offers a few courses to help you brush up on your academic skills.

Developmental Courses:  The university does not currently offer any developmental courses.

Refresher Courses:  Refresher courses use standard course numbers. They do earn academic credit, and the credit may be counted towards elective hours in your program. The grades for these courses are calculated in your GPA. Undergraduate may not use them to fulfill any General Education requirement though.

For Undergraduate Students

  • MATH100 - Pre-Algebra
  • MATH101 - Introduction to College Algebra

For Graduate Students

Graduate students may complete a series of noncredit learning apps in ClearPath to focus on graduate-level writing skills:

  • Graduate Writing 1: Achieving the Research Mindset
  • Graduate Writing 2: Defining Your Playing Field as a Researcher
  • Graduate Writing 3: Writing the Literature Review
  • Graduate Writing 4: Writing the Research Paper Introduction
  • Graduate Writing 5: Writing about Research Methods
  • Graduate Writing 6: Writing your Results Section
  • Graduate Writing 7: Writing your Discussion Section

If the Office of Graduate Studies receives a recommendation for you from two or more professors to take a writing refresher course, or if you initially fail a comprehensive exam, capstone or thesis course due to writing skills, you will be required to successfully complete the Graduate Writing apps prior to continuing in your program.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions about taking a developmental or refresher course.