AMU Student Handbook
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Last Revision: January 30, 2024

Appropriate Course Progression

General Education Courses

If you are enrolled in an Associates or Bachelor degree program, you should first complete your General Education courses in order to be prepared with the skills required in the subsequent courses in your program. If you have taken courses previously at other universities, and think they cover the same subjects as the approved General Education courses, you should wait for your transfer credit evaluation to be completed, or use the online TED (Transfer Equivalent Database) in the TCE Center to determine if your previous courses will fulfill APUS General Education requirements.

Lower Level Courses

Once your General Education courses are fulfilled, or if you want to explore other courses outside of your General Education requirements, you should next register for any 100 or 200-level courses that will help you expand your interests.

Upper Level Courses

You should complete all General Education and 100-200 level courses in your CORE, Major, and/or Concentration sections, before taking any upper-level courses in your program (300-400). Upper level courses are designed for students who are already in their junior/senior year(s) of college, and it is expected that you have mastered the academic skills, such as researching and writing papers, before you advance to this course level.

For more information on the best course progression for your individual background, please contact your Academic Advisor at [email protected].