AMU Student Handbook
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Last Revision: January 30, 2024

Annual Academic Progress Requirements

You are required to complete at least one APUS course every 12 months in order to avoid being automatically withdrawn (disenrolled) from the university for inactivity. The 12-month period starts at the official end date of the last course you completed. This does NOT include the extension periods. If you have not yet completed a course, your 12-month period starts the day you complete orientation.

Voluntary Disenrollment

If you are an active student and you no longer want to pursue your education with the university, you must disenroll by submitting a Disenrollment Request Form. You will find this form in the student ecampus, under the Academic Plan & Forms/University Forms menu, under the All Forms link.

Program Hold

If you know you will not be able to take any courses during any given year, you should request a Program Hold. Going on Program Hold and entering an anticipated Program Hold end date does not obligate you to return to APUS. This locks in your place in your academic program to ensure you may come back to the same program at the same academic standing (freshman/senior, etc.) as when you left. If your program has been granted special program accreditation since you originally enrolled, your Academic Advisor may advise you to change your enrollment to the new catalog so that you will fall under the new program specific accreditation.

The Program Hold Request form is accessible through the ACADEMIC PLAN & FORMS drop down along the top of your ecampus, under the UNIVERSITY FORMS menu, ‘ALL Forms’ link. You may go on a program hold for up to 24 months at a time. However, you may contact the Office of the Registrar at any time during your Program Hold if you need additional time added to your anticipated Program Hold end date. We do not have a limit on the maximum amount of total time you may spend on a Program Hold as long as you can still complete your program prior to your established program deadline; however, you will be automatically withdrawn from the university if you do not return to your studies by your selected Program Hold end date.

If you are unable to go online and submit the Program Hold form, you may also call or email the Office of the Registrar (at 877-755-2787 x3600 or [email protected]) to request a Program Hold or to extend your current Program Hold date. Although we do not require you to submit verification for going on a program hold from the university, you are required to let us know that you are going to put your studies on hold in order to lock in your place in your program. 

Not Certain You Want to Withdraw?

Before you take steps to withdraw, consider asking your academic advisor about your options. Because we serve such a large number of students who are on active duty in the military or busy professionals on remote assignments, we understand that there may be times when computer access is limited or other circumstances make it challenging to complete coursework within the prescribed timeframe. If this happens to you, contact your academic advisor, your ESO (if a military student), the course instructor, or any other relevant parties to discuss your situation and whether a special circumstances extension is possible.

For more information on how to request a program hold, please contact us at [email protected].