AMU Student Handbook
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Last Revision: January 30, 2024

Definition of Full-Time Status for FSA Benefits

Master's Level: Per Semester*

Semester Course LoadStudent Status
6+ Semester HoursFull Time
NAThree-Quarter Time
3 Semester HoursHalf Time
NALess than Half Time

Undergraduate: Per Semester

Semester Course LoadStudent Status
12+ semester HoursFull Time
9 semester HoursThree-Quarter Time
6 semester HoursHalf Time
3 semester HoursLess than Half Time

To be eligible for FSA, you must have an enrollment status of:

  • Undergraduate students need a minimum of 3 credit hours per semester for the Pell Grant; 6 credit hours per semester for student loans.
  • Master's level students need at least 3 credits per semester for loans.

*Doctoral students may review the definition of their full time status.