These individual academic courses from the university's School of Arts, Humanities & Education can help you earn continuing education credits or meet your employer's professional development requirements.

Our online educational courses are taught by the same professors teaching our degree programs. These courses are convenient, relevant, and affordable, and are ideal if you are an educational professional seeking to maintain certification or looking for career or salary advancement.​

Note: to register for these individual courses, you will first need to complete the university's admission application and select "Graduate Non-Degree Seeking" student when prompted.



Foundations of Education
EDUC513 - Critical Perspectives on Diversity and Culture
EDUC518 - Educational Psychology
EDUC527 - Classroom Management for the 21st Century
EDUC528 - Classroom Management for the Digital Educator
EDUC531 - Maximizing Student Achievement through Effective Assessment
EDUC640 - Research Methods in Education
EDUC670 - Education Law, Ethics, and Politics

Methods and STEAM
EDUC549 - Elementary School Arts Across the Curriculum
EDUC671 - Integrated Elementary Mathematics and Sciences

EDUC551 - Inclusive Elementary Reading and Writing
EDUC596 - Literacy Instruction for Struggling and Challenging Students
EDUC611 - Identifying and Diagnosing Reading Difficulties
EDUC612 - Issues and Models of Language Arts Education
EDUC613 - Teaching Reading and Writing across the Content Areas

Special Education/Differentiation
EDUC561 - Issues and Ideas in Special Education
EDUC590 - Differentiation for Learners in Mixed Ability Classrooms
EDUC614 - Living and Learning with Exceptional Students
EDUC616 - Foundations in Special Education and the Individuals with Disabilities Education
EDUC618 - Classroom Accommodations and Modifications for Special Needs Learners
EDUC630 - Introduction to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
EDUC637 - Meaningful Inclusive Instruction and Co-Teaching

Technology/Digital Literacy
EDUC621 - Online Learning for the Adult and the K-16 Learner
EDUC622 - Ethics and Legal Issues in Online Learning
EDUC623 - Online Learning and Student Achievement
EDUC624 - Assessment of Online Learning
EDUC625 - Instructional Design in Online Learning
EDUC629 - Personalized and Individualized Online Learning
EDUC639 - Online Teaching Technology Integration
EDUC652 - Powerful Technology Applications for Active Learning Environments

EDUC600 - Diversity and Cultural Issues in TESOL Education
EDUC601 - Methods and Materials in TESOL Education
EDUC603 - Applied Linguistics in TESOL Education