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Last Revision: January 30, 2024

Course Attempts Limits for Graduation Eligibility

To be eligible for graduation at the end of your program, you must have completed all course requirements within a certain percentage of course attempts.  This percentage is 150% of courses attempted vs. courses successfully completed. This includes any courses you completed prior to changing your major, even if those courses did not apply to your current major. 

Course attempts include:

  • Courses that you withdraw from (grade is W).
  • Any courses which you complete (grade is A-F).
  • Any current course or courses for which you are on extension.

The following do NOT count as course attempts:

  • Courses that you have dropped (grade is DP)
  • Course credit that you transferred in to the program as transfer credit, Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), or residential credit.

Maximum number of semester hours per academic level:

  • Doctorate degree – maximum number of semester hours attempted is 86 semester hours or 28 courses.