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Caring for military health and fitness.

Meet Our Students

At American Military University, we teach driven working adult students to soar higher in their fields. The students on this page all come from different walks of life and have their own reasons for continuing their educational journey. View their stories and you'll see how, at AMU, we are as committed to your success as you are.


Reinventing Himself through Cybersecurity

"If AMU didn’t exist, I wouldn’t be taken seriously and doing what I’m doing. It’s because of the education they provided me." 

Max Aulakh - AA in General Studies - Computer Science; BS in Information Systems Security


Military Spouse Succeeds in Commercial Real Estate

“Having my degree has opened a lot of doors and built my confidence, and has changed my life as a professional.”

Chanda Chann  - BA in Management; Master in Business Administration (MBA)


Fighting Fire. Fighting Obstacles.

“My current role as a Fire Apparatus Driver Operator was made possible by the subject experts at AMU."

Earl Day - BA in Fire Science Management


Discovering a Passion for Information Technology

" I did, again, want to get my bachelor's degree in IT. I saw what employers were looking for because I was a technology recruiter. They value that bachelor's degree."

Tyler Drennan - BS in Information Technology; Master in Business Administration (MBA)


Cultivating a Love of History

"I'll be 50 in a couple months, so if you could imagine getting out of high school at 18, and then having to go back to college when you're about 42 years old, that's a big change."

Joseph Gray - BA in Military History


Navigating Obstacles to Attain Goals

"My AMU education has been invaluable in my workplace and in the pursuit of my career dreams focused on aviation."

Kent Harraid - BA in Military History


Inspiration to the Rescue

"I ALWAYS recommend AMU/APU to friends and family, military or not, because the ease of interfacing with the educational content in my view is second to none."

Gregory Proctor - BS in Fire Science Management


Entrepreneur Focuses on Others' Success

"What drives me is to be in the position to help other individuals achieve greatness and be successful.”

Wes O'Donnell - BA in International Relations; Master of Business Adminiatration (MBA)


Enhancing Her Medical Skills

"The degree I received at the university has helped me become a better sports and health clinician. In the end, I was  glad I went with AMU."

Gabrielle Newsam - BS in Sports & Health Sciences


Empowering a Community through Public Health

"I was able to take classes while I was working, while I was raising my son, and really change what every single semester looked like."

Amanda Metzger - Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA);  MA in Public Health


Driven to Lead

"I was totally able to be a mom, I was totally able to be a wife, and now I can incorporate another title – I was able to be a student."

Yesli Vega - BA in Criminal Justice


Air force Veteran Builds Civilian Career

“The cost-to-value ratio going with AMU, I think, is excellent. You're able to do the classes on your own time. All the textbooks are electronic, so it works out a lot better, especially for those going online.”

Jason McClaren - BS in Fire Science Management; MA in Emergency and Disaster Management