Chanda Chann

 BA in Management | MBA | School of Business

Born in Cambodia, Chanda is a Khmer Rouge camp survivor. Living through the regime’s horrors taught her how to adapt quickly and find her inner strength, confidence, and courage. Chanda and her mother were rescued and immigrated to the United States in the 1980s when Chanda was just 5 years old.

 As a young adult, Chanda earned a Bachelor of Business Administration at AMU in 2013. She followed that up with a Master of Business Administration from AMU two years later. She was the first in her family to earn a college degree.

Today, Chanda is a successful entrepreneur, property manager, and small business owner who specializes in commercial real estate leasing and sales.

 Chanda is quick to attribute her business successes to AMU, asserting that at each and every step she had the support needed to move toward the ultimate goal—graduating and pursuing her career ambitions. 

How She Did it 

Getting Started

Chanda knew that in order to change herself, she had to get an education.


A military spouse—she needed a school that would allow her to finish her program anywhere.


Chanda was able to complete her degree with no outstanding debt.
Having my degree has opened a lot of doors and built my confidence, and has changed my life as a professional. My experience with American Military University, as both an alum and student ambassador, has been a humbling experience.
Chanda Chann
BA, Management; MBA

Rise to the Challenge

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