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 BS in Fire Science Management | School of Security & Global Studies

Earl Day—veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and an AMU alumnus—is passionate about firefighting and helping others. After serving his nation, he now serves his community as a firefighter and EMT.

 As a Marine, Earl served in the Middle East on four combat deployments, but he knew that furthering his education was important for a seamless transition from the military to civilian life. Upon completion of his military service, Earl looked to fulfill his educational goals and earned a Bachelor of Science in Fire Science Management with honors from AMU.

Fire departments are highly competitive when hiring new members. Earl was among more than 5,000 applicants when he submitted his resume for his current position and only 70 were picked for fire department academy classes.

Earl asserts that his AMU degree was instrumental in making his resume stand out from the rest. 

How He Did it 

High School

Earl volunteered all four years at his local fire department.

Getting Started

He left the military and opted to get his bachelor’s in fire science management.


Anywhere Earl could take his books and notepads, he could do his homework.
My current role as a fire apparatus driver operator was made possible by the subject experts at AMU who taught me the knowledge I needed to succeed through my training in my jurisdiction.
Earl Day
BS, Fire Science Management

Rise to the Challenge

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