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BA in Military History | School of Arts, Humanities and Education

Kent overcame adversity to realize one of his lifelong dreams. An aviation enthusiast, Kent studied military history at AMU, where he would earn his baccalaureate degree. Today, Kent teaches history at a local flight museum, where he enjoys sharing his knowledge and love of aircraft with his community.

How He Did it 

Getting Started

Knowing he wanted to study military history, Kent enrolled shortly after learning AMU offered this degree program.


AMU’s online learning environment helped eliminate some of the challenges Kent would have otherwise faced in a traditional college campus setting.


Competitive tuition made Kent’s degree program even more rewarding.

Learning from the teachers that have been in the service and teaching military courses is the neatest aspect, I think, and so, to learn from what they’ve gone through is really rewarding.
Kent Harraid
BA in Military History

Rise to the Challenge

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