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Ordering Undergraduate Textbooks

If you are enrolled in undergraduate courses for credit, ebooks and/or textbooks are provided to you at no charge through the University Book Grant. If there is both an ebook and a hard-copy textbook available for your course, only the ebook is provided under the grant. (Very few courses offer only hard-copy books.)

If you prefer to order a hard-copy book, you may purchase it at your expense from any bookseller.

Textbook Shipments

Shipping methods are determined by the shipping  address in your student record at the time you registered and paid. Books and materials are only shipped to a stateside address within the 50 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

Books are shipped via UPS and your signature is not always required for delivery, but the driver has the option to require a signature based on the neighborhood environment.

No books are shipped after the end of the first week of the course. If your course materials do not arrive by the Friday of week one, we advise you to drop the course and re-register in an upcoming session to avoid any financial penalties.

Inspect Books Upon Arrival

When your books arrive, compare them against the shipping document and the books listed in your course descriptions to make sure you received the correct books. If you find a mistake, email [email protected] immediately. Do not wait until later in the course to either check your shipment or contact the university. If we aren’t informed of the issue before the course begins, it’s usually too late to resolve the error.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Books

If your books arrive damaged, have missing pages or pages in the incorrect order, or have been marked or highlighted to distraction, email [email protected] and describe the issues.

If your hard-copy textbooks or course materials have been lost, stolen, or damaged while in your care, you are responsible for replacing them at your own expense.

Additional Information

Visit the course materials section of the Student Handbook for more details. If you have specific questions, email [email protected] or calling 877-755-2787 during normal support hours.