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University Book Grant for Undergraduate Courses

If you are enrolled in undergraduate courses for credit, your course materials are provided at no cost through the University Book Grant, which is a separately funded grant not included in your tuition.

The grant covers ebooks, not hard-copy textbooks, unless there is no ebook available for your course. If both an ebook and textbook are available for your course, you have the option of purchasing the hard-copy text through the bookseller of your choice.

The book grant does not cover required course materials such as software or additional lab equipment for some courses. You will need to purchase these materials and costs vary by course and program. Check your program of study for details.

Course Materials Allowance

If you pay for school using Federal Student Aid (FSA), and there are course materials not covered by the book grant, you may be eligible for our course materials allowance voucher. Read the course materials allowance policy for complete details.