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MyCAA Grant

If you are a MyCAA Scholarship recipient, you may qualify for an additional $500 grant from the university.

You are eligible for the university's MyCAA grant if you are a military spouse using the MyCAA Scholarship program to pay for an undergraduate certificate program or an undergraduate degree program that includes a certificate.

If you are currently receiving MyCAA Scholarship benefits for an associate or bachelor's degree program, you may change your academic program to add an undergraduate certificate to your degree in order to be eligible for the grant.

The university's MyCAA grant provides a total of $500, with $250 awarded to the third course and $250 awarded to last last course of an undergraduate certificate program. If there are overlapping courses in your programs (between the certificate and the undergraduate degree) the grant will apply to the third and last course that counts toward your certificate.
If you are a transfer student and have used some of your MyCAA Scholarship at another school, you are still eligible to receive the university's MyCAA grant toward your certificate course, as long as you have used some of your MyCAA funding here.

Identify yourself as a military spouse and complete the required fields when you submit the admissions application. Select “MyCAA” under the “Membership/Association” drop down. If you are a current student, log into the ecampus and edit your profile to make sure “MyCAA” is selected under the “Membership/Association” category.

Email academic advising at [email protected] before you register for your third and your last course in the certificate program. Your advisor will ensure that the MyCAA grant is applied appropriately.

When you register, choose “Employee Voucher” as your payment method.

If you drop a course where the grant was applied, you can re-register for another course and have the grant re-applied. If you withdraw from the course with a grade of “W”, the grant will not be re-applied.