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Returning Textbooks from a Dropped Course

If you are enrolled in undergraduate courses for credit, your course materials and readings are provided at no cost through the APUS Book Grant. This primarily includes ebooks, but there are circumstances when hard-copy textbooks are provided. If you receive textbooks or other hard-copy materials, and then you drop or withdraw from the course, please keep the texts for the next time you register for the course.

If you return your books, but later re-register for the course, you may have to purchase the materials at your own expense. Contact the course materials department at [email protected] or 877-755-2787 for assistance.

Course Materials Allowance

Some Title IV Federal Student Aid (FSA) students are eligible for a course materials allowance (voucher or check) to help purchase books or materials. If you received this allowance and then drop the course, you may incur a balance due to the university. Please read our Course Materials Allowance Policy for complete details.

Additional Help

Please refer to course materials in the Student Handbook for detailed instructions, or for specific questions, please email [email protected].