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Requesting Course Extensions

Regular Extensions

If you feel you may not be able to complete a course during the scheduled 8- or 16-week session, you may request a course extension. You should first discuss this with an academic advisor to make sure an extension will not negatively affect your financial aid, future registrations, or graduation.

  • You cannot request a course extension until the start of the second week of the course.
  • You must have completed 50% of the coursework and have an overall passing grade to be eligible for an extension.
  • You must request an extension before the course or your current extension ends.

To request an extension, log into the ecampus and select the Course Extension link from under the Academic Plan & Forms menu. Contact your academic advisor if you have questions or need help.

Decisions are sent to your email address on record, so please verify that your email address is current before you submit the form.

If you haven’t heard back from your instructor after 72 hours, check the information about your course under My Current Courses in the Records Menu of your ecampus, or contact [email protected].

Special Circumstance Extension

You can request a Special Circumstance Extension in the event of a natural disaster, extreme medical event, or other unforeseen situations preventing you from completing your school work (i.e. deployment where you will have limited or no Internet access). To make the request, log into the ecampus and select Academic Plan & Forms/University Forms menu, then All Forms to open the Course Extension (Special) Request Form.

You will be notified of any required documentation, and you will have 3 business days from the time of the request or before the end of your course — whichever comes first — to submit the documentation. Once the documentation has been received, your request will be validated, and your instructor will be emailed to confirm notification of the extension. You will also receive an email informing you if your request has been approved or denied.

Military Students

Grades are reported to the Education Services Office (ESO) twice a month. If you have been granted a course extension, it is your responsibility to print your grade report and submit it to the ESO. To do this, log into the ecampus and select the Grade Reports link under the Academic Plan & Forms/My Status & Records menu.

Program Deadlines

In addition to course deadlines, there are deadlines for completing your program. Read our Program Completion Deadlines article for more details.