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Welcome to the APUS Help Center

Your Student ID Number

Your student ID is a 7-digit number assigned to every student as a unique identifier. It’s connected to your student record, so protect it the same as you do your Social Security number. The ID number is not useful anywhere else and will not transfer with you to any other college.

When you apply to the university, your student ID is generated randomly through an electronic process designed to provide a high level of security. This will be your student ID as both a student and, later, an alumnus. Please make note of your number and keep it in a secure location.

Your student ID number will be used when you conduct any university business, including logging into the ecampus, classroom, and library resources. It will be required along with additional information for verification purposes when you submit requests for information over the phone, by email, or in person.

Forgot Your ID or Password
If you don’t remember your student log-in credentials, click the Forgot ID or Password? link on the log-in screen. It will take you to a screen that asks a series of questions to verify your identity and help us locate your record. When your information has been verified, you will receive an email with either the password or ID (whichever you indicated was forgotten).

Your password or ID will be sent to the email address in your student record, so keep your record up-to-date. Read Updating Contact Information on File with the University to learn more.