Welcome to the APUS Help Center

Applying for Readmission to the University

If you have been withdrawn from the university (either voluntarily or involuntarily) and wish to request to be readmitted to a program, you will need to log into the ecampus and complete the readmission application located under Academic Plan and Forms/University Forms/All Forms.

Your request will prompt a complete review of your student record for admissions purposes. A representative from student records will email you once the review is complete and will inform you about the requirements to be readmitted.

You will not be able to register for courses until you are officially readmitted.

Once Readmitted, you will:

  • Fall under current program requirements (view current year undergraduate or graduate catalogs)
  • Fall under current admission policies
  • Fall under current transfer credit policies
  • Need to enroll in a new program/concentration if your former program is no longer offered

Review of Previous Transfer Credit Award

If you previously received transfer credit, those credits will be reviewed against current transfer credit policies within 2-3 weeks of your readmission. (You do not need to resubmit a TCE request.) You may be asked to submit additional documentation or transcripts due to catalog changes that may have occurred since your first enrollment.

Changing Academic Program

You will need to complete the program change process prior to requesting readmission if:

  • Your original program is no longer offered
  • You previously enrolled into your program prior to the current catalog year
  • You wish to change to a different program

To change your program, please submit the degree change form, which is available in the ecampus under Academic Plan and Forms/University Forms.

After receiving this application, we will contact you with the next steps in this process. If you submit the degree change form, you do not need to submit a readmission application.


If there are substantial differences between the courses you have completed or for which you have received transfer credit, and you have completed a substantial part of your program, you may appeal to be readmitted back into your old catalog. If you wish to do this, do not submit the readmission application. Submit the Academic Appeals Form by logging into the ecampus for low GPA or legacy appeals.

Academic Probation

If you were on probation at the time of your disenrollment, you will not be able to submit the readmission application. You will need to email [email protected] and request a waiver to be readmitted.

Previously Earned a Degree or Certificate from the University

If you have already received a degree or certificate from our university and would like to start an additional program, please read Returning for a New Program for details.