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Changing from Comprehensive Exam to Capstone Option

Depending on when you enrolled in your graduate program, there are a number of end-of-course options. If your program has a comprehensive exam, but there is an equivalent program that offers a capstone option, then you may be able to change from one to the other.

Start by contacting an academic advisor to see if a course substitution has been pre-approved that would allow you to change without having to officially change your program.

If there is no pre-approved substitution, you will need to log into the ecampus and submit a Change Academic Program form (under Academic Plan & Records/University Forms, select All Forms). Your request will be sent to the Advising department for review, and you will be contacted via email with a response.

Catalog Change

If your request to change academic programs is granted, you will also be moved to the current catalog requirements for the new program. Note that a change in catalog year may result in a loss of existing credit. Read our University Academic Catalogs article for details.