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University Academic Catalogs

Our academic catalogs (undergraduate and graduate) list all academic programs and the courses and credits required to complete them, along with a summary of the university’s rules, policies, and procedures.

A catalog is not a contract between the university and any party or parties and should not be regarded as such. You can find the most recent catalogs on the university website under the Academics menu.

Catalog Release Dates

Catalogs are generally released once a year in September. We will post an announcement on the student login page and the ecampus when a new catalog is released.

The release of a new catalog will not affect the courses required for you to complete your program. You will always follow your academic plan that was set upon initial enrollment (as shown in the ecampus), as long as you remain enrolled as an active student.

Understanding Your Catalog Year

Your catalog year is determined by the date you are admitted or readmitted to a program. As new catalogs are released, your catalog year will not change unless you:

  • change your program
  • add a minor
  • add a certificate
  • change your concentration

You must then follow the catalog requirements in place at the time of the change.

Requesting a Catalog Year Change

If you prefer to follow more current requirements than those offered when you were admitted, you can request to update to a different catalog year. You would then be required to complete all new requirements and follow any new policies. You would not be able to switch back to your previous requirements. Keep in mind that changing your catalog year may lead to the loss of credit.