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Learn from the #1 Provider of Higher Education to the U.S. Military*

As a CA provider, American Military University can help you prepare for industry-recognized credentials.

AMU and the Army Credentialing Assistance Program

The Army Credentialing Assistance (CA) Program can pay for courses and exams that lead to industry-recognized civilian credentials in an occupational area of your choice. CA provides an opportunity to enhance skills in a current MOS or an occupation of interest following military service.

The Army’s CA program will pay for all necessary books, supplies, associated materials, and various fees required for an approved training course and/or exam. Servicemembers may use both Federal Tuition Assistance (TA) and CA up to a combined $4,000 fiscal year limit; however, TA is for credit-bearing college courses and CA is for credentialing and licensure training, preparation, and examination.

*Based on FY 2019 Department of Defense tuition assistance, as reported by Military Times, 2020.


If you are a current student and an active-duty soldier, Army National Guard member, or Army Reservist who plans to use Tuition Assistance (TA) or Credentialing Assistance (CA) to pay for school, you must create a student account in ArmyIgnitED.

If you are not yet a student, you must first apply to AMU.

All Army servicemembers interested in requesting TA or CA can learn about next steps and get your questions answered by visiting our ArmyIgnitED webpage.

Note: Army is not currently approving tuition assistance for stand-alone certificate programs.


Should you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact us at

CA-Covered Credentialing Expenses

  • classroom, hands-on, and online/blended training
  • manuals
  • study guides
  • textbooks
  • processing fees
  • test fees
  • related fees for continuing education requirements
  • recertification of credentials

Getting Started with Army Credentialing Assistance

  • Once you have explored the credentialing opportunities in ArmyCOOL, work with your education center to discuss your credentialing path and set up your account in ArmyIgnitED.
  • Create your learner account on the AMU site to register for courses.
    • Be sure to input your military affiliation and the Army Group Code (provided within the system). This ensures you will have the option to use Army CA funds to pay for your course
  • Obtain a quote for your desired course(s). You may request a quote by contacting AMU at 1-866-991-8856 or Save this Quote, you will need to upload it when submitting your CA request in ArmyIgnitED.

Request CA Funding in ArmyIgnitED

  • Log into ArmyIgnitED to begin your CA Request by clicking Request Credentialing Assistance under the appropriate Credential Path within your account.
  • Search for the requested course by typing the name of the course or American Military University in the Searchbar.
    • Locate the exact course identified on the course quote and click the Select + button to the right.
    • On the next page, input the desired Start Date (must be at least 30 business days from current date) and End Date (12 months from current date). The CA funds approval cycle from the Army is 30 business days from the Credentialing Assistance Request submission date in ArmyIgnitED.
    • If you have not already done so, request a quote from AMU (process described above)
    • Upload the course quote
  • Verify all the information matches the quote received earlier.
  • On the next page, click Done to submit your request.

Monitor your Inbox for CA Approval and Next Steps

  • The Army will notify you of approval through ArmyIgnitED and ACCESS will notify AMU and arrange payment.

Complete Training and Exam

  • Once you complete your course and receive the certificate of completion, you have 10 days to submit to the Army before your account goes to recoupment.
  • Contact or call 866-991-8856
  • Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. (ET), Saturday-Sunday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. (ET)