Performing Arts Enthusiasts and Practitioners

The purpose of this organization is to bring together APUS performance artists and enthusiasts to promote, incorporate, create, and offer opportunities to participate in performance art.  The organization intends to build a community of people who are active artists as well as anyone who is simply inspired by art, whether it be theatre, magic, music, artwork, etc.

Benefits include:

Access to a network that can provide support, insight, and resources. 

Membership fee:



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Membership is available to university students, alumni, faculty, and staff members.

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Performing Arts Enthusiasts and Practitioners achieved ACTIVE standing per the university's Chapter Standards program. Active standing demonstrates a notable level of chapter involvement and denotes excellence in chapter leadership and member engagement.

Active Chapter Standards Medal

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  • Leadership and teamwork

The Office of Student and Alumni Affairs is always looking for people to get involved and be campus leaders, including chapter officers, who lead student organizations like this one. If you’re interested in being a campus leader and chapter officer, please email [email protected] to ask if there are chapter officer openings for this organization!

Membership is available year-round to students and alumni in good academic standing in all degree fields at the university.

For questions on eligibility criteria or general information, email [email protected].

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