Organizations Awaiting Recognition

While these are awaiting recognition from our university or the nationally affiliated organization, you can email us at [email protected] for details or membership information. We have provisional societies for: 

An organization for Asian-Pacific Islander students that provides resources, support and opportunity for the university community’s Asian-Pacific Islander students, alumni, and faculty.

Encourages the sharing of Caribbean culture and stories, provides opportunities, resources, and support for community members of Caribbean descent. 

An international honors society comprised of graduate students, alumni, faculty, and student affairs professionals to promote and recognize excellence in academics, research, and service to the profession of student affairs.

The purpose of this organization is to discuss the tools and techniques used to solve cold cases and potentially provide assistance to find resolution for current cold cases.

The purpose of this organization is to support military intelligence professionals by providing a forum for university members to foster high military intelligence professional standards, share field-specific resources, and strengthen members’ commitment to the field.

Encourages the sharing of Native American culture and stories, provides opportunities, resources and support for Native American university community members.

The purpose of this organization is to build a supportive, inclusive community for APU students who are parents to discuss balance priorities, share resources, and network with other students who are parents.