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The Newman Center

The purpose of this organization is to provide a forum by which university members can grow in their Catholic faith, share resources that deepen member appreciation for the history, theology and traditions of the Catholic Church and the Judeo-Christian heritage. The group will foster a spirit of evangelization and service, including the promotion of service opportunities to the school and community.

Membership & Fees

Benefits include: Networking and collaboration opportunities; growth in Catholic faith and deeper appreciation for history of Catholic heritage.

Membership fee: $0.

Process: To join the Newman Center, complete an application!

Note: Membership is available to university students, alumni, faculty and staff members.

Current Members

If you are currently a member of The Newman Center, your group is active on Facebook. For assistance connecting with this group, email

Chapter Standing

The Newman Center has achieved GOLD standing, per the university's Chapter Standards program. Gold standing demonstrates a very high level of chapter involvement and denotes excellence in chapter leadership and member engagement.

Gold standing

Leadership Opportunities

If you're interested in more information, complete the campus interest leadership form.


Membership is available year-round to students and alumni in good academic standing in all degree fields at the university. If you are interested in participating in the Newman Center, please complete the application on the organization’s group page in ClearPath.

For questions on eligibility criteria or general information, email