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At AMU, we got your six and we're ready to support your academic goals


We welcome soldiers eager to advance their knowledge through American Military University (AMU).

ArmyIgnitED, a new platform replacing GoArmyEd, is now available to facilitate your education journey. You will use it to create an education path and request tuition assistance (TA) from the Army.

If you will use TA to pay for school, here are your next steps:

  1. Apply to American Military University, if you have not already applied
  2. Register for your course(s) through AMU's ecampus using the student ID number you receive once you are admitted
  3. Visit and click "Get Started" to create your account in the platform

Once your account is created in ArmyIgnitED, you will use it whenever you wish to update your education path or request tuition assistance for courses.

What Would You Like to Do?

Navigating ArmyIgnitED for TA Requests

In ArmyIgnitED, you will do the following: 

  • Create an account
  • Create an education path
  • Submit your tuition assistance request once your education path is approved

Need help? See the "How-To" Guide to learn more about creating your student account in ArmyIgnitED.

Credentialing Assistance
Interested in professional certification training and Credentialing Assistance (CA)?

ArmyIgnitED FAQ

Getting Started in ArmyIgnitED

Soldiers should apply to AMU first, then register for courses. Thereafter, the soldier should create an account in ArmyIgnitED in order to create an education path and request tuition assistance.

Students will need to: 

  1. Create an account in ArmyIgnitED
  2. Create an education path that is approved by your Army education counselor and AMU's Office of Registrar
  3. Submit their tuition assistance once their education path is approved
Yes. If you wish to request tuition assistance or credentialing assistance and did not create an account before GoArmyEd sunset, you will need to create an account now. Visit
Yes. Every soldier who wishes to request TA or CA must create an account in ArmyIgnitED. Visit to create your account.
After a soldier creates an account, the soldier will create an education path. Within that process, the soldier will need to identify AMU as their home school.
Per the Army, these soldiers will be imported and will not have to create an education path. However, soldiers who have not yet created an account in ArmyIgnitED must establish one by visiting
All students will be imported into ArmyIgnitED. The soldier will need to create an account in ArmyIgnitED and should work with their Army counselor or open a Help Desk case.

Course Registration/Grades/Drops-Withdrawals


No. Soldiers will register for courses only in the AMU ecampus. Soldiers using TA will have their registrations sent from AMU to ArmyIgnitED nightly.

New students can register for up to 6 semester hours after admission. Soldiers will need an approved education path and a Student Degree Plan on file before registering for more courses (see "Inside ArmyIgnitED" below for more information about the education path and the Student Degree Plan).

Current students can register as soon as their student degree plan is in ArmyIgnitED.

AMU has course registration open up to 5 months in advance. Students should register as early as possible for courses they wish to take.

See "Inside ArmyIgnitED" below for more information about the education path and the Student Degree Plan.

You must submit a drop or withdrawal form in the AMU ecampus. AMU will send the drop/withdrawal information to ArmyIgnitED.

Every evening, the Army will send a secure file to AMU.

A nightly grade file will be sent from AMU to ArmyIgnitED.

Grade changes will be updated nightly on the grade file sent to ArmyIgnitED.

Soldiers on extension will be reported on the grade file and when the grade posts at the end of the extension.

Drops and Withdrawals are grade designators and will be reported nightly in files sent to ArmyIgnitED.

A graduation file will be sent the night of each degree conferral or certificate award.

Getting TA Approval


In ArmyIgnitED, the TA form pre-populates with a soldier’s registration information from AMU. You will want to verify the pre-populated information for accuracy. Once verified, the request will be auto-approved.

The soldier should see the pending TA/approved TA requests in ArmyIgnitED.

Soldiers will receive a confirmation email that a TA request has been received and processed by AMU.

Inside ArmyIgnitED


The soldier creates the education path to identify their educational goals. The soldier will select an academic program, education institution, and update personal information and contact information.

It is important that this be entered accurately, as inaccurate information may cause the education path to be rejected when submitted for approval to the soldier’s Army Education Counselor and a member of AMU’s Office of the Registrar.

It is the soldier’s AMU academic plan—the program requirements, courses to be completed, courses completed, and transfer credit. AMU will send a student’s SDP after a transfer credit evaluation, degree change, and registration.

Yes. When AMU receives the education path from the Army, AMU will create an SDP.

Soldiers should review the Army Student Training Guide, contact their education counselor, or submit a support ticket within ArmyIgnitED.

  The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.