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How Many Study Hours Are Required Per Course?

New students frequently wonder how much time they should expect to study each week. While the answer depends on your individual learning style as well as the nature of the course — i.e. a math or science course with labs or exercises may take more time than a humanities course with reading assignments — the following information provides general guidelines.

Suggested Study Hours

Average time per week to devote to one 3-credit course:

Undergraduate Courses

  • 8-week course = 15 to 18 hours/week
  • 16-week course = 8 to 10 hours/week

Graduate Courses

  • 8-week course = 18 to 22 hours/week
  • 16-week course = 10 to 15 hours/week

Our Course Load Guidelines article has more details on the total number of credits you may take each semester.

In addition, an academic advisor is available to help you with study skills. time management, and course scheduling.