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Repeating a Failed Course

You can only retake a course in which you received an F. Repeating a failed course is mandatory only if it’s required for your degree or a prerequisite for a core or major requirement.

Repeating and passing a failed course will remove or replace your previous failed grade. The F will be replaced on your transcript by an R (for repeat) and the new passing grade, and your GPA will reflect the new grade.

You may only repeat a failed course one time. If you fail again, you will not be able to remove the F from your record. If it’s a course that’s required in your program, you may not be able to complete that program. Please contact an academic advisor for help in this situation.

Army Students

Repeating a failed course will not remove the F from your GoArmyEd GPA.

Federal Student Aid Students

If you repeat a failed course, the original failing grade will be used to calculate your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).