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Problems with Course Registration

If you find yourself unable to complete course registration, check if you are in one of these situations.

Blocked Registration Due to Incomplete Admission Status

After you submit your enrollment application and complete the online orientation, you will be placed on an Incomplete Admission status. To view your status, log in to the ecampus, and, under the Records Menu on the left side of the screen, click My Academic Records. If any documents are shown in this section (i.e. transcripts), you will need to submit those to complete the admissions process.

With the exception of some degree programs, we allow you to register for your first few courses while on Incomplete Admission status. You have a total of 15 weeks from the time you register for your first course to submit all the required documents to reach a Complete Admission status. If you miss this deadline, a Registration Block will be placed on your account, which will prevent you from registering for courses.

The required documents will be discussed during orientation. You should also get an email within five business days of the first course registration as a reminder of the documents you need to submit.

More information on required documentation and how to submit documents can be found in the Student Handbook.

Course Prerequisite Not Met

The course description will list all sequential courses that need to be taken for each course — these are the course prerequisites. If you have not yet taken all the prerequisite courses, you will be blocked from registration. An exception is made if you are currently registered for a future session of a prerequisite course that will end prior to the start of the course you are attempting to register for. Read our article on Lifting a Prerequisite Hold for more details.

Balance Due

If you have an outstanding financial obligation due to the university, you will need to make arrangements to satisfy that before registering for further classes.

Time Limit

If you are within one year of your program deadline (noted at the bottom of your academic plan), you must contact your academic advisor to get approval for registration, which must then be done manually through the Registrar’s office. View all program deadlines on our Programs at a Glance table.

Academic Semester Limits with FSA

If you have a Federal Student Aid (FSA) intent form on file, it’s possible that the course you are attempting to register for is scheduled outside of your academic semester. For more information on registering as an FSA student, read FSA Academic Semesters and Course Registration.

Course Is Inactive

If a course has been inactivated, it may not show any sections available, even though there is no note on the academic plan that the course is inactive. Contact your Academic Advisor to get substitute information.

Course Is Full

In the event that a course is full and there are no additional sessions planned, then the course will no longer appear in the course scheduler. There is no waiting list for course registrations, but you can check again to see if another student has dropped the course, thereby opening a seat. In the meantime, it is recommended that you register for the next session of the course, thereby saving your seat in that class.