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Obtaining Enrollment Verification

The university processes all requests for enrollment verification through the National Student Clearinghouse. APUS submits your current enrollment data directly to the National Student Clearinghouse on the 16th of each month that you are enrolled.

Your enrollment verification or In-School deferment cannot be processed until the start of week 2 of your first course in the term. You must have attended a course beyond the first week before any loan deferments or enrollment verifications may be processed.

To obtain enrollment verification:

  1. Access the National Student Clearinghouse website using the following link: National Student Clearinghouse
  2. Select “Verify Now”
  3. Enter the required information (your school’s name, your name, and your date of birth).
  4. You will be presented with an official Enrollment Verification Certificate that can be printed out and provided to organizations requiring proof of your enrollment status.

If you need assistance, email [email protected] and include your student ID number in your email.