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Completing Your Student Record after Admission

When you apply for admission at the university, there are often documents such as transcripts from other schools that need to become part of your student record here. Until all the documents are received, your admissions status will be marked as "Incomplete". While an Incomplete status does not prevent you from registering for or starting courses, it is important that you complete your records as soon as possible after enrolling.

To check your admission status and monitor your documents:

  1. Log into the ecampus.
  2. Open the Academic Plan & Forms/My Status & Records menu and select the Document Log link.
  3. From here you'll be able to determine what action you need to take to achieve a "Complete" admissions status.
  • Received: Your document has been received and is logged into your record as shown on the Date Received column. We will also email you as we receive each document.
  • Not Required: You do not need to submit this document. For TRA forms, this status means that your school will not accept third party requests.
  • Required: This document is necessary to complete your admission status and we have not yet received it.
  • Waived: Your request to remove document was approved and you no longer need to submit this document.
  • Ordered: The document has been ordered on your behalf.
  • Student Action Needed: You are responsible for ordering or providing or ordering a copy of the document.

The date next to each document’s status shows when the last action was taken by you or our Document Services team. For example, the date next to a document on Ordered status shows when we submitted an order to receive your document. If we have not received a document, the Date column will be blank.

If you feel there is an error and wish to have a document removed from the log, please contact [email protected].

You have 8 weeks from the start of your first course to submit all the required documents in your document log. If you miss this deadline, a registration block will be placed on your account, which will prevent you from registering for any more courses.

More information on required documentation and how to submit documents can be found in your Student Handbook, which you can access by logging into the ecampus.