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Exam Proctors

A proctor is a person who monitors students during an examination. Some courses here will require proctoring.

Your professor will notify you at the beginning of the course if a proctor will be necessary, and you are responsible for finding a proctor located near you.

Acceptable Proctors

  • Local college or university administrators or faculty members
  • School superintendents or principals
  • School or public librarians
  • Military base education officers
  • Other professionals as approved by the university


Your chosen proctor is required to contact your course professor for pre-approval before the exam can be scheduled, agree to monitor you during the exam, and provide a computer for you to use for up to 4 hours.

Once approved, your professor will provide your proctor with a password and instructions, which will ensure that the test or assessment results are valid. Be sure you check with your proctor before exam day to ensure he or she has received the password.