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Workforce Recruitment Program

The Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP), co-sponsored by the Department of Labor and Department of Defense, provides a database of post-secondary students and recent graduates with disabilities to employers and agencies across the nation who are looking to fill summer internships and full-time jobs. Eligible candidates from the university may apply for a spot on this database! Applications are reviewed in-house, and WRP recruiters will interview the final applicants to determine which candidates will be included in the database.

Space is limited; each participating institution is only granted a finite number of interviews, so contact the Department of Career Services and get started today.


To qualify for WRP, an eligible candidate:

  • has a disability (intellectual, physical, or psychiatric which makes the candidate eligible to use the Schedule A hiring authority) and
  • is a United States citizen and
  • is a current, full-time, degree-seeking, post-secondary student, unless they are taking a reduced course load due to a disability or
  • is in their final semester.

Individuals who met the preceding requirements while enrolled, but have graduated within one year of the release of the database each December, are also eligible.


  • Registration and interview information is available to students and alumni through the WRP website.

Additional Information

  • It is recommended that interested students and alumni participate in the complimentary resume review process from the Department of Career Services before uploading a resume to the database. To submit your resume for review, email
  • Interviews are conducted via telephone. If contacted for an interview, a mock interview with the Department of Career Services is required.
  • Candidates are not notified if they are selected to be placed in the database.
  • Accurate contact information is important for success, as candidates will be contacted directly by employers using the contact information listed in the WRP portal. This information can be updated by logging in and updating your profile.

For additional information regarding WRP and to ensure you are contacted with relevant updates, please contact the Department of Career Services at