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Graduate Certificate and Master's-level students are responsible for purchasing their own course materials, unless eligible for the military grant. Simply select the course in your Academic Plan to review the required materials.

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Federal Student Aid

Do you plan to use Federal Student Aid (FSA)?

FSA is available for those who qualify.

Military Tuition Assistance and Veteran's Education Benefits are not part of the FSA program. If the cost of your attendance can be covered by these sources, you are not required to select "Yes." You may, however, use FSA to cover cost of attendance, if needed.

  • If "Yes" you must establish your FSA Academic Year. To do this, select the month you plan to start courses using Federal Student Aid (FSA awards are calculated each academic year).
  • If “No” you will be asked if you plan to defer Federal Student Aid loans.
    • Deferring your loans also requires that you select an FSA Academic Year (see above).

The Academic Year must be in place at least 10 days prior to the course start date.

Once you have answered the question(s) click the Continue Registration button.

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  • Federal Student Aid

Note: Certain payment options will require additional steps and/or upfront payment.

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