Ishonte Allar

Part-Time Instructor, Health Sciences
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Ph.D. in Coaching and Teaching Studies
West Virginia University
M.P.H. in Public Health
West Virginia University
M.A. in Secondary Education
West Virginia University
B.A. in Foreign Languages
West Virginia University
B.S. in Physical Education - Teacher Education
West Virginia University

Research Interests

Research: Early Childhood Education; Health-oriented physical education; Physical activity and health-related fitness for school-aged children; School-based physical activity intervention; comprehensive school physical activity programs; preschool physical activity and nutrition programs; program evaluation; community health education promotion

Intellectual Contributions

It's All in The Delivery

Ishonte Allar
The University of Arizona Global Campus

Asset Mapping: A Tool to Enhance Your CSPAP Efforts

Allar, Ishont\'e,Sean Bulger

Using I am Moving, I am Learning to increase quality instruction in Head Start classrooms

Allar, Ishont\'e,Emily Jones,Sean Bulger
Early Childhood Education Journal

Involving families and communities in CSPAP development using asset mapping

Allar, Ishont\'e,Eloise Elliott,Emily Jones,Alfgeir L Kristjansson,Andrea Taliaferro,Sean M Bulger
Journal of Physical Education, Recreation \& Dance

The perceived impact of i am moving, i am learning on physical activity and family involvement: A preliminary investigation

Allar, Ishont\'e,Emily Jones,Eloise Elliott,Alfgeir Kristjansson,Andrea Taliaferro,Michael Mann,Sean Bulger
American journal of health behavior

An Impact Evaluation of I Am Moving, I Am Learning

Allar, Ishont\'e C,Sean M Bulger,Eloise Elliott,Emily M Jones,Alfgeir Kristjansson,Andrea Taliaferro
Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport

Impact Evaluation of I am Moving, I am Learning Using the RE-AIM Framework

Ishonte Allar
West Virginia University

Addressing inclusion in higher education physical activity programs

Allar, Ishont\'e,Jun-Hyung Baek,Andrea Taliaferro
Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

Asset Mapping in Rural Appalachia: Connecting Schools, Families, and Communities to Promote Physical Activity

Sean M Bulger,Ishonte Allar

Feasibility study of comprehensive school physical activity programs in Appalachian communities: the McDowell CHOICES project

Emily M Jones,Andrea R Taliaferro,Eloise M Elliott,Sean M Bulger,Alfgeir L Kristjansson,William Neal, Allar, Ishont\'e
Journal of Teaching in Physical Education


ED Talks at TLC Presents: Sowing Seeds: A Student Perspective

Teaching and Learning Conference
November 2023

Sewing Seeds-Seedlings are Trying to Grow

DEL ED Talks presents: Sewing Seeds-Seedlings are Trying to Grow
June 2023

Impact evaluation of I am Moving, I am Learning using the RE-AIM Framework

Society of Health and Physical Educators America
April 2016

MS in School Health Education

West Virginia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
October 2015

Is BOKS (Building Our Kids’ Success) Right for Your School?

West Virginia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
November 2014

Effective Supervision and Feedback Provision

National Student Teaching and Supervision Conference
April 2014

Asset mapping in rural Appalachia: Connecting schools, families, and communities

Appalachian Studies Conference
March 2014

Mapping Physical Activity Assets in McDowell County, West Virginia

High Mark Foundation regarding funding for McDowell CHOICES
August 2013