FAFSA Code & School Location

Code: 038193-00
Location: West Virginia


Tuition & Fees


Our combined tuition, fees, and books are roughly 20% less for undergraduate and 33% less for graduate students than the average in-state rates at a public university.

Among 10 U.S. leading providers of online education, we are on average 42% less for undergraduate and 33% less for graduate students.*

Our Tuition Rates

  • Undergrad: $250/credit hour
  • Graduate: $325/credit hour
  • Audit: $100/credit hour

Tuition & Fees



  • Admission and registration $0
  • Transfer credit evaluation: $50
  • Technology (per course): $50
  • Late registration: $50
  • Certificate completion: $25
  • Graduate comprehensive exam: $250
  • Graduation (for most degrees): $100
  • Transcripts (per copy):
    • Official electronic: $10
    • Official paper: $20
    • Unofficial electronic: $5

Transfer credit evaluation and technology fees WAIVED for U.S. active duty military, Guard, and Reserve (technology fee waived for veterans who use VA benefits).

Refunds & Withdrawals

Tuition credit balance refunds are given for courses under the guidelines listed below.

8 Week Course Withdrawal Schedule

  • Before or during week 1: 100% refund
  • During week 2: 75%
  • During weeks 3 and 4: 50%
  • During week 5 through 8: No refund

16 Week Course Withdrawal Schedule

  • Before or during week 1 or 2: 100% refund
  • During weeks 3 and 4: 75%
  • During week 5 through 8: 50%
  • During week 9 through 16: No refund

Course withdrawals could impact your eligibility for some financial aid, so it is important to look into that prior to making a decision. Iowa residents: please view your state-specific policies regarding educator's licensing, course withdraws, and refunds.



The APUS book grant provides undergraduate students with textbooks/e-books at no charge.

Through our university book grant, textbooks and/or e-books are provided at no charge to students who are earning undergraduate academic credit.

Paying for School

Our competitive tuition rates make earning your degree here not only a smart investment in your future, but a responsible financial decision. Here’s some help with how you can fund your college education and potentially save on total costs.


*Based on lowest possible tuition rates for 10 of the leading regionally-accredited providers of online education. Public in-state tuition information provided by the College Board 2013 Trends in College Pricing, National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) 2012 Digest of Educational Statistics. Sources of data for competitor institutions include SEC filings and university-provided data available on the internet as of May 2012. Only institutional fees required of all students were included. Assumes 10 undergraduate classes per year over 4 years for a total of 120 semester hours, or 6 graduate level classes per year over 2 years for a total of 36 semester hours.


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