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Come Back for Another Degree


Welcome back! We're excited that you have chosen to return to pursue a second degree. As a returning alumnus, you do not need to re-submit the online application. Just follow the steps below and you'll be back on campus in no time!

1. Enroll in your New Program

Note: There are some programs that have specific requirements. If your program is listed, please contact for further assistance PRIOR to submitting your new program enrollment form.

  1. Log into the ecampus. 
  2. Enter the student ID and password you used in your previous program. It's OK if you forgot your student ID. There is a chance to recover it on the login page.
  3. In the ecampus, select Student Services from the top menu, and then select Enroll in a New Program under the Alumni menu.
  4. If everything is correct, select your new program type, name, and concentration using the drop down menus, and then click the Submit button.
  5. Watch for and respond to an email from advising to verify your new program enrollment. This could take a few days to receive.

2. Update your Contact Information

While in the ecampus, select your name (person icon on mobile) from the top blue menu bar and select Edit Profile to review and update your contact information. It's important that this is current so that your academic advisor can contact you.

3. Transfer Credit

If you have any non-APUS college credit that was not evaluated in your previous degree, you should complete and submit the Transfer Credit Application. You'll find this form in the ecampus under the Academic Plan & Forms Menu. Once all documentation is received, the transfer credit process can take 2-3 weeks.

4. Register for Courses and Pay for School

Click the Register Now button in the top menu of the ecampus when you're ready to sign up for classes. And just like before, you'll want to have your payment options ready before you register. Learn more about paying for school.

Have additional questions?

Please view or download these checklists for more details:

Undergraduate Alumni New Program Enrollment Checklist

Graduate Alumni New Program Enrollment Checklist


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