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Courses that Fulfill General Education Requirements

This information is intended for all new Air Force students who are required to provide their Education Office with a list of all university courses that can fulfill their general education requirements.


  • ENGL101-Proficiency in Writing
  • ENGL102-Effectiveness in Writing
  • ENGL200-Composition and Literature


  • HIST101-American History to 1877
  • HIST102-American History since 1877
  • HIST111-World Civilization before 1650
  • HIST112-World Civilization since 1650
  • HIST121-Western Civilization before The Thirty Years War
  • HIST122-Western Civilization since The Thirty Years War
  • HIST223-History of the American Indian
  • HIST221-African-American History before 1877
  • HIST222-African-American History since 1877


  • ARAB100-Arabic I
  • ARTH200-Art Appreciation
  • CHIN100-Chinese I (Mandarin)
  • COMM200-Public Speaking
  • DARI100-Basic Dari I
  • FREN100-French I
  • FREN101-French II
  • GERM100-German I
  • GERM101-German II
  • HRMT101-Human Relations Communication
  • JAPN100-Introduction to Japanese
  • MUSI200-Music Appreciation
  • PHIL101-Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL200-Introduction to Ethics
  • PORT100-Introduction to Brazilian Portuguese
  • RELS201-Introduction to World Religions
  • RUSS100-Russian I
  • SPAN100-Spanish I
  • SPAN101-Spanish II
  • SPAN201-Intermediate Spanish Literacy: La Novela


  • LITR201-World Literature through the Renaissance
  • LITR202-World Literature since the Renaissance
  • LITR210-English Literature: Beowulf to18th Century
  • LITR211-English Literature: 18th Century to Present
  • LITR220-American Literature before The Civil War
  • LITR221-American Literature from The Civil War to Present


  • MATH110-College Algebra
  • MATH111-College Trigonometry
  • MATH125-Math for Liberal Arts Majors
  • MATH225-Calculus

Polical Science

  • IRLS210-International Relations I
  • POLS210-American Government I


  • SCIN121-Habitable Worlds; Are We Alone? with Lab
  • SCIN130-Introduction to Biology with Lab
  • SCIN131-Introduction to Chemistry with Lab
  • SCIN132-Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology with Lab
  • SCIN133-Introduction to Physics with Lab
  • SCIN134-Introduction to Astronomy with Lab
  • SCIN135-Introduction to Forestry with Lab
  • SCIN136-Introduction to Oceanography with Lab
  • SCIN137-Introduction to Meteorology with Lab
  • SCIN138-Introduction to Physical Geology with Lab
  • SCIN139-Introduction to Human Ecology with Lab
  • SCIN140-Introduction to Environmental Science with Lab
  • SCIN233-Physics I with Lab (Prerequisite: MATH225 - Calculus)
  • SCIN234-Physics II with Lab (Prerequisite: MATH226 - Calculus II)

Social Science

  • ANTH100-Introduction to Anthropology
  • CHFD220-Human Sexuality
  • ECON101-Microeconomics
  • ECON102-Macroeconomics
  • GEOG101-Introduction to Geography
  • PSYC101-Introduction to Psychology
  • SOCI111-Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCI212-Social Problems
  • SOCI220-American Popular Culture

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