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Socratic Philosophical Honor Society

The Socratic Philosophical Honor Society’s purpose is to recognize academic achievement and provide networking opportunities for students and alumni in the university’s philosophy, religion or humanities programs, and to promote the study of philosophy and related disciplines through extensive teaching, publication, and research.

The Socratic Philosophical Honor Society is a stand-alone honor society and is not affiliated with a national or international honor society.

Membership & Fees

Benefits include: Recognition for outstanding academic achievements, and networking opportunities for members with a common academic or professional interest in philosophy.

Annual membership fee: $0.

Current Members

If you are currently a member of Socratic Philosophical Honor Society, your group is active on Facebook. For assistance connecting with this group, email

Leadership Opportunities

If you are looking to utilize your leadership skills, check out the current open leadership positions with the Socratic Philosophical Honor Society.

  • Vice President
  • Webmaster
Complete the campus leadership form for more information.


Eligible students meeting the criteria below will receive an invitation during the months of April and September. If you believe you are eligible and do not receive an invitation, email


General Membership

  • Active university student pursuing a graduate or undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Religion or Humanities; or minor in Philosophy, Religion or Humanities
  • Completed at least six semester hours at the university
  • Completed at least 15 semester hours at the undergraduate or graduate level
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.50 or greater
  • Has complied with university policies on academic integrity

Alumni Level Membership (In addition to the above General Membership Criteria)

  • Completed a degree program or minor in philosophy, religion or humanities