Michael Ramlogan, LtCol, USMC (Ret)

Military Outreach Education Coordinator

Michael Ramlogan Southern CA
Prior to joining AMU Mike served as the Executive Director of Military Affairs, National Military Education Liaison and a Faculty member on Campus/Online in the Criminal Justice Field.

In addition to Mike’s higher education experience, he served over 24 years in the USMC, a "Mustang Officer" retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel as the Executive Officer for Joint Terrorism Task Force, and Battalion Commander 4th Reconnaissance.

Recently, he received a U.S. Congressional Recognition for his services and support to our military and veteran members throughout the United States of America.

Mike earned has Masters of Law degree and is also a Certified Master Financial Planner (MFP), Chartered Certified Asset Manager (CAM) and serves on numerous military boards/committees for military & veteran services.