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MKTG600 - Marketing Management

Course Details

Course Code: MKTG600 Course ID: 2715 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Graduate

This course is designed to illustrate development, implementation, and reformulation of business strategy, with both domestic and international implications. Emphasis is placed on the need for, awareness of, and accommodation to changes in an organization's internal and external environments. Generic types of business strategies and techniques for analyzing strategies are also covered.

Course Schedule

Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
11/25/19 - 05/01/20 05/04/20 - 06/28/20 Spring 2020 Session I 8 Week session
12/30/19 - 05/29/20 06/01/20 - 07/26/20 Spring 2020 Session D 8 Week session
01/27/20 - 07/03/20 07/06/20 - 08/30/20 Summer 2020 Session B 8 Week session

Current Syllabi

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

1. Develop a Marketing Plan.

2. Define the types of marketing research.

3. Analyze potential pricing alternatives.

4. Define channel strategy

5. Design a sales management plan.

6. Define the process for bringing a new product or service to market.

NameGrade %
Tests & Quizzes 10.00 %
Midterm Exam 10.00 %
Forums 35.00 %
Week One Forum 4.38 %
Week Two Forum 4.38 %
Week Three Forum 4.38 %
Week Four Forum 4.38 %
Week Five Forum 4.38 %
Week Six Forum 4.38 %
Week Seven Forum 4.38 %
Week Eight Forum 4.38 %
Weekly Assignments 40.00 %
Research Proposal: Week 1 Assignment! 13.33 %
Week Three Homework Assignment 13.33 %
Week Five Homework Assignment 13.33 %
Term Project and Essay 15.00 %
Final Marketing Plan 15.00 %
Book Title: If you prefer the electronic format, your required book(s) may be available for purchase from the APUS Bookstore in a VitalSource e-book format
Publication Info:
Book Title: Marketing Management, 15th ed. (custom) (The custom ISBN may have more competitive pricing in hard copy or electronic format. The non-custom ISBN is: 9780133856460, please use this one to search for the book from other booksellers.)
Author: Kotler, P. and Keller, K.
Publication Info: Pearson
ISBN: 9781323623787

Book Title:Marketing Management, 15th ed.
Publication Info:Pearson
Author:Kotler, P. and Keller, K.
Unit Cost:$230.41
Electronic ISBN:9781323620359
Electronic Unit Cost:$37.80

Previous Syllabi

Not current for future courses.