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IRLS698 - Comprehensive Examination in International Relations

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Course Code: IRLS698 Course ID: 3571 Credit Hours: 0 Level: Graduate

Comprehensive final examination required of students in the graduate programs for International Relations. IMPORTANT: You must have COMPLETED all other courses in the program and have a GPA of 3.0 in order to register for this course. As an International Relations student, you must pass this comprehensive exam in order to have your degree conferred. The comprehensive exam must be taken by the course end date or a failing grade will be posted. If you fail your first course attempt to pass the comprehensive exam, you will need to get approval to register for a second attempt of the course and BOTH final course grades will show in your transcript.

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Current Syllabi

The comprehensive exam is to demonstrate mastery of the Program Objectives.

  1. Analyze classical and alternative theories of international relations, the heritage and development of the discipline, and the major debates concerning world order, diplomacy, and international law underlying its inherent nature as an interdisciplinary study within the field of political science.

  2. Evaluate the changing role of the state in the context of globalization, regionalism, and security, including the impact of non-state actors, competing interests, and emerging norms within international systems.

  3. Assess the nature and distribution of economic, political, and military resources in the context of interdependence and delimited by cultural, social, and historical issues.

  4. Distinguish the interactions of state, non-state, and supra-national actors through a dynamic appreciation of contemporary issues and differing levels of analysis.

  5. Examine the major theories of conflict and change within the context of globalization and the role of traditional and emerging norms and institutions in the pacific settlement of disputes, human rights, and environmental issues.
NameGrade %
Comprehensive Exam Scores 100.00 %
Manually input results for each student 100.00 %
Book Title: No books required. A study guide will be in the classroom, referring to past courses & their books.
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Book Title:No books required. A study guide will be in the classroom, referring to past courses & their books.

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