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Course Details

Course Details

Course Code: INFO262 Course ID: 2628 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Undergraduate

This course is a study and application of the MS Access VBA Programming; it takes you from using Access to programming with Access. This course translates ERD diagrams into database designs, examines the VBA programming model, converts macros to VBA code, delves into the rudiments of the Visual Basic for Application (VBA) language system, uses the VBA editor, uses VBA to connect to Access, utilizes VBA to perform DDL actions in Access, creates sub procedures, implements functions, handles errors, performs debugging, and utilizes the built-in functions. This course also includes implementing database access in Windows-based and Web-based solutions. This course also includes an examination of the Security Model in the context of Access and VBA. Students must have access to Microsoft Access software. This software is not provided by the course material grant and must be purchased/provided by the student. Course software requirements with the appropriate versions are listed under the course materials site. Note for Mac Users: Access 2013 does not work on Mac OS. APUS recommends using Windows OS even on Mac. If Mac OS must be used it is recommended to install Windows on Parallels (purchased separately) and install Access 2013 on the Windows OS via Parallels. Note for Mac Users: Access 2013 does not work on Mac OS. APUS recommends using Windows OS even on Mac. If Mac OS must be used it is recommended to install Windows on Parallels (purchased separately) and install Access 2013 on the Windows OS via Parallels.

Course Schedule

Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
09/28/20 - 02/26/21 03/01/21 - 04/25/21 Winter 2021 Session D 8 Week session
11/30/20 - 04/30/21 05/03/21 - 06/27/21 Spring 2021 Session I 8 Week session

Current Syllabi

The successful student will fulfill the following learning objectives:

  1. Discuss the features, functionality, power, and advantages of MS Access VBA that have made it a viable tool for developing Windows Based and Web Based database solutions.
  2. Discuss the impact of Microsoft’s Access on Information Technology Management and on Global Economies as it applies to developing, deploying, and managing database applications.
  3. Examine the application development process in MS Access.
  4. Examine the rudiments of the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) language.
  5. Differentiate between MS Access applications without VBA and MS Access applications with VBA.
  6. Examine the VBA Programming Model.
  7. Examine the architecture of the VBA Editor.
  8. Evaluate the role of the Project Explorer in managing modules
  9. Examine the impact of the Project Explorer on Information Technology Management and on Configuration Management.
  10. Explain the security features provided in Access
  11. Evaluate the Jet Sandbox and Macro Security features.
  12. Apply your knowledge of the three Access courses (Introduction, Advanced, and Project) to build a database application.

Assignments: This course utilizes a set of exercises. The goal is to organize, synthesize, and demonstrate your comprehension of core concepts investigated during this course by applying a combination of the concepts and details you have learned in a systematic way.

NameGrade %
Forums 16.00 %
Forum 1 2.00 %
Forum 2 2.00 %
Forum 3 2.00 %
Forum 4 2.00 %
Forum 5 2.00 %
Forum 6 2.00 %
Forum 7 2.00 %
Forum 8 2.00 %
Assignments 1 - 5 50.00 %
Week One Assignment 10.00 %
Week Two Assignment 10.00 %
Week Three Assignment 10.00 %
Week Four Assignment 10.00 %
Week Five Assignment 10.00 %
Assignments 6 - 7 30.00 %
Week Six Assignment 15.00 %
Week Seven Assignment 15.00 %
Assignment 8 4.00 %
Week Eight Assignment 4.00 %


MS Access 2013 version of the software must be installed. MS Access 2013 and additional software are available free by Microsoft DreamSpark for students and faculty. Please visit the links by clicking on the button labeled “FreeSoftware” in the Sakai classroom.

Selected Bibliography:

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Book Title:Students must have access to the required software. APUS does not supply this software. The listing can be found at
Author: No Author Specified
Book Title:Microsoft Access 2013 Advanced, 1st Ed - the VitalSource e-book is provided inside the classroom
Publication Info:VS-Cengage
Author:Friedrichsen, Lisa
Unit Cost:$73.73
Electronic ISBN:9781305450509
Electronic Unit Cost:$32.00

Previous Syllabi

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