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EDUC680 - Principal Internship

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Course Code: EDUC680 Course ID: 2817 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Graduate

This is an experiential course where candidates intern as school principals in K-12 schools under the direct supervision of qualified professionals. The intern candidate will work in either an elementary or secondary school setting to develop professional skills related to supervision and demonstrate mastery of the essential skills required by school principals. Interns are placed under the supervision and coaching of an APUS faculty member and an onsite certified school principal. The candidate will be required to document a minimum of 150 hours of supervised experience in a school setting.

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Current Syllabi

Upon successful completion of the internship, the student will be able to:

1. Express him/herself clearly and concisely in daily interactions with teachers, school staff, family members, and other professionals.

2. Lead discussions, apply policy and make decisions of the type those serving as school principals make.

3. Participate in interdisciplinary team meetings and conferences.

4. Apply principles of effective leadership and management in relation to campus budgeting, personnel, resource utilization, financial management, and technology use.

5. Apply skills and knowledge articulated in the ELCC standards as well as state and local standards for educational leaders.

6. Apply rights of privacy, confidentiality, and informed consent in daily actions.

7. Network with appropriate community organizations such as social service groups and local businesses and advocate for education and school support with members of the social service system.

8. Speak appropriate jargon and participate in professional dialog.

9. Structure and conduct daily activities with active listening and apply appropriate leadership techniques (including time and stress management) to engage others and to build and maintain rapport.

10. Modify approaches and techniques to meet multicultural needs at the appropriate times using appropriate interventions.

11. Demonstrate punctuality, dependability, a sincere work ethic, and professional demeanor.

This course covers all ELCC, Praxis II, and NETS*A Standards

Book Title: School Leader Internship (Ebook format only available at the APUS Bookstore, please try other sources if a hard copy is preferred)
Author: Martin, Gary E.
Publication Info: Eye On Education, Inc.
ISBN: 9781596672031

Book Title:School Leader Internship
Author:Martin, Gary E.
Unit Cost:$44.95

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