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DEFM310 - Program and Acquisition Management I

Course Details

Course Code: DEFM310 Course ID: 3443 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Undergraduate

This course is an introduction to the requirements of successful program management in the DOD. The course will look at the entire systems acquisition cycle from the point of view of government requirements and the efforts of the civilian contractor to bring the system to Full Operational Capacity.

Course Schedule

Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
03/30/20 - 09/04/20 09/07/20 - 11/01/20 Summer 2020 Session D 8 Week session
05/25/20 - 10/30/20 11/02/20 - 12/27/20 Fall 2020 Session I 8 Week session

Current Syllabi

After successfully completing this course, students will fulfill the following Learning Objectives (LO):

LO-1 Describe the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Branch, Congress, and defense industry in Defense Acquisition, and where defense acquisition authority is derived

LO-2 Describe several historical legislative acts that have institutionalized better business practices within the DoD acquisition community.

LO-3 Characterize the roles and responsibilities of the Lead Component, Participating Component, and Joint Program Manager

LO-4 Explain how DoD acquisition takes place, including who is responsible for DoD acquisition.

LO-5 Create a Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) capability scenario.

LO-6 Identify events that trigger/define Initial Operational Capability (IOC), Full Operational Capability (FOC), and Milestone A, B, & C.

LO-7 Describe the four phases of the resource allocation process.

LO-8 Summarize the program and acquisition management process and key concepts.

NameGrade %
Forums 32.00 %
Forum 1 4.00 %
Forum 2 4.00 %
Forum 3 4.00 %
Forum 4 4.00 %
Forum 5 4.00 %
Forum 6 4.00 %
Forum 7 4.00 %
Forum 8 4.00 %
Assignments 1-7 35.00 %
Week 1 Assignment 1 5.00 %
Week 2 Assignment 2 5.00 %
Week 3 Assignment 3 5.00 %
Week 4 Assignment 4 5.00 %
Week 5 Assignment 5 5.00 %
Week 6 Assignment 6 5.00 %
Week 7 Assignment 7 5.00 %
Final Paper 33.00 %
Final Paper 33.00 %


In addition to the required course texts the following public domain Websites are useful. Please abide by the university’s academic honesty policy when using Internet sources as well. Note web site addresses are subject to change.

Site Name

Website URL/Address

The OWL at Purdue

APA Style Homepage

Book Title:Introduction to Defense Acquisition Management, August 2010 - link provided inside the classroom; hard copy not available from the APUS Bookstore, please try other sources.
Publication Info:United States Government Printing Office
Unit Cost:$11.68
Book Title:Joint Program Management Handbook, July 2004-Available online-Links provided in classroom
Publication Info:Defense Acquisition University
Unit Cost:$7.00

Previous Syllabi

Not current for future courses.