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SPMT613 - Sports Entrepreneurship


This course focuses on the entrepreneurial opportunities in the sports industry, to include sports management, sports franchise, sports agency, and small sports business management professions and programs. The course focuses heavily on the business plan, financial, and planning issues associated with entrepreneurial and small business ventures. Students will develop their own entrepreneurial sports plan as an independent research project for this course.






Schedule of Classes

Registration Dates Course Dates Session
11/26/18 - 05/03/19 05/06/19 - 06/30/19 Spring 2019 Session I - 8 Week session
02/25/19 - 08/02/19 08/05/19 - 09/29/19 Summer 2019 Session I - 8 Week session

Course Materials

Previous Syllabi

Book Title: Sports Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice
ISBN: 9781935412250
Publication Info: FIT Publishing
Author: Ciletti, D. and Chadwick, S.
Unit Cost: $46.40
Electronic ISBN: N/A
Electronic Unit Cost: N/A