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MILS580 - Seminar in Unconventional Warfare


This course is a seminar in the operational art of unconventional warfare through a broad spectrum of military and paramilitary operations. Students examine operations of long duration, predominately conducted by indigenous or surrogate forces, organized, trained, equipped, and supported by external sources. Attention is given to insurgency, guerrilla warfare, low-visibility, covert, or clandestine operations as well as the indirect influencers of subversion, sabotage, and intelligence activities.






Course Materials

Book Title: Learning to Eat Soup With a Knife: Counterinsurgency Lessons from Malaya and Vietnam-Ebook available in the APUS Library
ISBN: 9780226567709
Publication Info: Praeger Publishers, 2005
Author: Nagl, John A.
Unit Cost: $18.40
Electronic ISBN: N/A
Electronic Unit Cost: N/A

Book Title: Counterinsurgency-Professor will provide electronic copy
Publication Info: Headquarters, Department of the Army, 2006
Author: N/A
Unit Cost: N/A
Electronic ISBN: N/A
Electronic Unit Cost: N/A