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MILH646 - Civil War Cavalry and Intelligence


This course examines the theory, practice and operations of the cavalry and intelligence gathering and analysis on both sides during the Civil War. The first part will cover the development of the mounted arm and its traditional role. The theory of cavalry tactics taught by West Point will provide a knowledge base for the ideas and developed tactics by Civil War officers. The second part will address personalities, to include Nathan Bedford Forrest, Jeb Stuart, Wade Hampton, John Buford, George Custer, and others. Areas investigated, relevant to intelligence, will include espionage, Bureau of Military Information, secret services, cavalry forays, covert activities, and secret missions (including the Lincoln assassination plot). Focus of the course will be to compare and contrast the efforts of both the Union and Confederacy to stay ahead in the game of "knowing the enemy."






Schedule of Classes

Registration Dates Course Dates Session
07/30/18 - 01/04/19 01/07/19 - 03/03/19 Winter 2019 Session B - 8 Week session
10/29/18 - 03/29/19 04/01/19 - 05/26/19 Spring 2019 Session B - 8 Week session

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Book Title: Additional readings -noted in the syllabus- will be available online and/or in the classroom
Publication Info: Open Web Sources
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Book Title: Secret War for the Union : The Untold Story of Military Intelligence in the Civil War
ISBN: 9780395901366
Publication Info: N/A
Author: Fishel, Edwin C.
Unit Cost: $40.35
Electronic ISBN: N/A
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