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HUMN699 - Humanities Capstone


This course provides the framework for students to write a thesis, a major research paper, or develop a creative project. NOTE: This course may not be taken until all other courses are COMPLETED and student has a 3.0 GPA. THIS COURSE IS 16 WEEKS.






Schedule of Classes

Registration Dates Course Dates Session
08/27/18 - 02/01/19 02/04/19 - 05/26/19 Winter 2019 Session K - 16 Week session
10/29/18 - 03/29/19 04/01/19 - 07/21/19 Spring 2019 Session A - 16 Week session

Course Materials

Previous Syllabi

Book Title: APUS Graduate Capstone Manual- (This resource can be found in the APUS Online Library- EOP Manual)
Publication Info: APUS Library
Author: N/A
Unit Cost: N/A
Electronic ISBN: N/A
Electronic Unit Cost: N/A