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CMRJ295 - Criminal Justice Sophomore Seminar


This course is the final course needed for the completion of the Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice degree. The course is designed to allow the student to review, analyze and integrate the work the student has completed toward a degree in Criminal Justice. The student will complete an approved academic project or paper that demonstrates his or her grasp of the criminal justice field. This is a culminating course to be taken after all other Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice courses have been satisfactorily completed. Students must have completed at least 49 semester hours in their program. This course is to be taken as the LAST course in the AA in Criminal Justice program.






Schedule of Classes

Registration Dates Course Dates Session
10/29/18 - 03/29/19 04/01/19 - 05/26/19 Spring 2019 Session B - 8 Week session
11/26/18 - 05/03/19 05/06/19 - 06/30/19 Spring 2019 Session I - 8 Week session
12/31/18 - 05/31/19 06/03/19 - 07/28/19 Spring 2019 Session D - 8 Week session
02/25/19 - 08/02/19 08/05/19 - 09/29/19 Summer 2019 Session I - 8 Week session

Course Materials

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Book Title: Various resources from the APUS Library & the Open Web are used. Links provided inside the classroom in the Lessons section.
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